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Help Wanted at CLAC: Solidarity Organizer


Jul 22 2005
03:18 pm

I recently received a job announcement from Gideon Strauss, who works with the Christian Labour Association of Canada, and I thought I’d pass this information on in case anyone was interested. The CLAC is looking for a Solidarity Organizer. Gideon writes:

This is basically a position for someone who will be able to promote a Christian social vision and a vocational understanding of work in the broad Christian community in Ontario, and who will be able to generate support for CLAC?s international projects among all of CLAC?s members. The CLAC is a Christian trade union with about 30,000 members, operating in most provinces of Canada. If you know of anyone who may be interested in this position, please urge them to forward a letter of application and a current CV to me by no later than the end of July, 2005.

You can contact Gideon at and find more information about the CLAC at their web site. This is a great organization doing exciting Kingdom work. The job description follows:


General Requirements[/b:2954d5c4f7]

The Solidarity Organizer shall promote CLAC Solidarity. The Solidarity Organizer shall serve the existing Solidarity locals in terms of the provincial solidarity strategy, shall provide leadership in the organizing of new locals and new chapters of the student local, shall sign up new members for the locals, and shall connect the Solidarity locals with the international solidarity projects of the CLAC. The position will require travel.

The Solidarity Organizer shall preferably be a person with Solidarity local experience and proven organizing ability, and shall be appointed on the salary grid of a representative, with the level to be determined. The organization intends the position to become a full time Staff Council position at the end of two years, subject to a successful review.


The responsibilities of the Solidarity Organizer include:

Organizing local events and activities in terms of the provincial solidarity strategy, and in particular events and activities related to the international solidarity projects of CLAC.
Meeting with local boards on a regular basis to plan local events and activities and membership growth.
Organizing new locals and new chapters of the student local.
Organizing CLAC Solidarity membership drives and personally signing up new CLAC Solidarity members.
Promoting awareness of CLAC and the international solidarity projects of CLAC through local media and by working with regional church bodies, federal and provincial politicians, schools and other educational institutions, and social action organizations.
Coordinating and working in conjunction with regional part-time Solidarity staff.

In all of these activities the Solidarity Organizer will strive to increase the understanding of CLAC?s Christian social vision and particular institutional task as a trade union among members, in the Christian community at large, and among the general public.

and Accountability[/b:2954d5c4f7]

The Solidarity Organizer position reports to the Provincial Director via the Regional Director.