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What's wrong with Kerry?


Nov 05 2004
10:04 am

Dan, the post about which you write was not preachy and if it’s condescending, I’m really disappointed in myself, because I can do SO MUCH BETTER at being condescending. That was a joke, fyi.

In fact, I said my statement stemmed from a feeling of equanimity that I felt on election day. It was basically the same thing I told myself all day Nov.2 and for a few weeks up to the election. I decided that no matter who won, the nation wasn’t going to hell in a handbasket and that if I wanted to really point fingers, I’d better step back from presidential campaign rhetoric and look EVEN harder at the other key players in national politics.

But. shrug No matter. We can end this topic … although discussing Kerry’s flaws is exactly what the Democratic Party ought to be doing post-election to figure out how they might better contend in a national election next time around. As Janel pointed out in another thread, alienating pro-life Democrats is something they might want to cease doing, among other things. But you are the alleged master of this thread and although I don’t recognize your authority, I don’t care enough to challenge it. I’m out.