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What's wrong with Kerry?


Andrew H
Oct 30 2004
05:07 pm

Alright my turn,
Most of you don’t know me personally but if you have talked with me face to face between March 1 and now, you would know I am not a fan of John Kerry at all. Yet here I sit in an office that is doing everything it can (as a 501c3 non-profit) to get him out of office. We are working our tail ends off here to see change on Nov. 2. And yes, I see change coming. Please, God. So the problem is right there. I am working for, hoping for, praying for change. On so many important things, that change will not come with Kerry. That my friends is the beauty of our republic and two-party system.
What principles and non-changes am I referencing? What is wrong with Kerry?
Palestine/Israel: Kerry is more pro-Israel and pro-right-wing occupation than the last couple of presidents. This is an extremely important issue to think about and advocate for now more than ever. If you are not up on it, Palestinians are living in apartheid-like conditions behind a huge wall and it is only getting worse. Supposedly some settlers are pulling out of one area to appease dissent, but high level Israel officials have admitted this is a facade to increase occupation and invasion elsewhere.
“War on Terrorism”: Kerry has out-bushed Bush on this one. No question. Bush is promising to keep America safe, Kerry is promising to hunt down and kill the terrorists. Those darn evil folks! Scrap any argument about inconsistency, unclear principles, Kerry is not afraid to advocate more international violence. Obviously, anyone with a conscience for peace in the future prefers Kerry to Bush (unless you let the whole Israel thing mess you up…), to hopefully avoid violent conflicts with Iran, N. Korea, etc.
These are my stop-gap issues that do not allow me to vote for Kerry. I went to the rallies, I am supporting moveon and act, I’ve marched against Bush, but I cannot and did not vote for Kerry (absentee voted in CA several weeks ago).
For the record, Kerry does deserve votes from some progressives even though he is where he is mainly because he was the winnable candidate in February. He deserves votes because Edwards has an incredible awareness of social justice issues, as the candidate to be chosen by minority/inner-city voters everywhere, he will HAVE TO do some positive things to please that voting block in his first term or else he is giving up on 2008 already. He is advocating raising minimum wage, repealing tax cuts, etc. Socialist vision, yes, and some extremely important moves towards an economic democracy rather than economic tyranny. But please people, vote all your values, vote for peace, and don’t go against principles just because you would prefer one candidate or another.
From the district, ajh