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What Are You Giving Up For Lent?


Jun 22 2007
11:47 pm

But, the Bible does teach that we should do all in the name of Jesus, so we do need to honor Him.

Many catholics drink, smoke, cuss, commit adultery as though it’s OK…because they can go down to their "father" down at their church and get forgiven.

They just don’t have good biblical teaching down there at the catholic church.
I know quite a few of them, and most have no clue that Jesus said we must be born-again to be saved…they have no clue because the priests are teaching another gospel….the gospel of catholicism, which is an un-godly cult based upon the religious traditions of men!

One could just as easily say the same thing about a number of fundamentalist sects. I believe someone has already pointed out a number of "non-Biblical" things practiced in non-Catholic churches. For instance, the fundamentalist group I was raised in also played host to a number of folks who smoked, drank, cussed and committed adultery as though it was OK…because the church told them "once saved, always saved".

Granted, if you’re looking at the name on the church door to get you into Heaven, you’re missing the point. God has his representatives in churches of all stripes. To say that because one goes to "such and such" a church, they’re off to Hell. Even you admit that when you say "most have no clue", implying that a few do.

Likewise, it is a fallacy to conclude that because someone observes Lent, that means they’re automatically trusting in empty ritual. It’s simply not a universal truth.