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The embarrassment of wealth


Mar 07 2002
05:58 am

I think we may be starting to get at the root of the problem. Gluttony which is a form of Idolatry (looking to something else to meet your need instead of God), and coveteousness are the sins here, not wealth and not having stuff. We need to be careful about this concept of fair though. the idea that everything should be divided equally among the earth is certainly not biblical in origin. In fact scripture says that the wealth of the wicked will be given over to the righteous. We need to remember that God at times deals with nations as a whole and not just individuals and that he deals with nations in his time frame often over centuries. Yes, America is a sinful nation, it deserves to be judged but perhaps it already is being judged but that judgment is moving so slowly that those in the now can’t really see it. Perhaps this great wealth that we’ve been given is just one small piece of our Judgment. Wealth is a test of faith which must be pasted both individually and on a national basis.