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The embarrassment of wealth


Mar 05 2002
06:12 am

Why should christians feel guity about anything that is not sin? We live in an age of guilt manipulators. Loving money is wrong. (idolatry) having money is not. No where does God condemn Abraham or Job for their wealth. In fact he increases Job’s wealth with more than his original amount after he loses it all. If you are faithful to God’s word i.e. you work six days a week, you don’t steal or lie to those you work for, you go to work and while there you work as unto the Lord, if you restrict your self to short term debt 6 years or less, and you don’t spend money you don’t have how can you not prosper and accumulate wealth.

I see it as a command of God (first stated in Genisis and never revoked) that we take dominion over the earth to God’s glory.

My question is , is it possible to be true to God’s word and not make money?