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terror and freedom


Nov 14 2003
06:24 am

Anton and mrsanniep, what are helpful comments? How is saying “it’s not as bad as you think” over and over again helpful? I’d rather hear someone cynical telling the truth about the situation than hear someone telling us to stick our collective heads in the sand. As far as helpful suggestions go, I think dan gave some good ones. The US should give up control of Iraq, hand it over to the UN and leave a large number of forces to help stabilize it UNDER the UN. And I agree with him. He’s only getting cynical because what seems to him (and to me) the most reasonable thing to do is so unlikely to happen. Why? Because we all know that the US is not really concerned with other countries’ freedom, but rather how it can manipulate them to serve the US government’s best interests. The words “democracy” and “freedom” from Bush’s mouth means squat in context.