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Revising Conservatism's History


Feb 05 2008
08:51 pm

I just wanted to share this excellent article from the Chicago Reader about Rick Perlstein (see related post about college) who has garnered praise from conservatives and liberals alike for his analysis of the conservative movement in the 60’s. The article gives an excellent overview of Perlstein’s books, articles and blog entries.

Perlstein’s research is timely, perhaps prophetic when read against the backdrop of the spiritual shift we are witnessing in the American political landscape of late. He claims that the shortcomings of the ideals of Goldwater’s Conservatism have been revealed in Bush’s presidency. In short, Perlstein claims anyone running for office on an anti-government platform probably won’t be very good at governing. This has been clearly shown, according to Perlstein, by the failures of government agencies during Bush’s presidency. All this from a guy who treasures his friendships with conservatives and encourages political dialogue that doesn’t reduce the opposing side to one-dimensional monsters.