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Oh them democrats


Jan 26 2004
07:46 pm

I haven’t been following the Democratic candidacy thing at all, but what’s wrong with a thumbs up from Michael Moore? I can see where Madonna’s political credibility might be questioned, perhaps unfairly, but surely Moore has established himself as something of a legitimate cultural critic. Or is he perceived as being too “radical” south of the border? I know when the Iraq invasion went into high gear his opinion was sought by international media sources much more frequently than in his home country. And as far as celebrity endorsements go, Dubya has a bunch of country singers who are outspoken in their support of his administration (although not the Dixie Chicks apparently).

This isn’t Blisster, by the way, it’s Henry. I signed up with my own name but for some reason it’s showing my wife’s info, and it’s too late for me to try to figure out why.