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Oh them democrats


Jan 28 2004
10:37 pm

I didn’t see Moore at the Oscars, but I remember hearing something about that now. What I like about him is that he is that rarest of entities – a working class guy from Flint, Michigan, with a public voice. He may be guilty of exaggeration, but I like the fact that he got pissed off and decided to do something about it. There is nothing less cynical. Sure he supported Nader, but at least he was offering an alternative. He’s engaged. What I can’t stand is the celebrities who use their public voice to bash Bush because it’s easy and fashionable, but haven’t bothered to put any thought into recommending an alternative.

The range of political choice (in Canada no less than in the U.S.) sometimes leads me to wonder what anarchism would look like if more Christians got involved in it. I don’t mean the cheap, popular impression of anarchism that many high schoolers (and college activists) have, but the genuine, decentralized, community-rooted, grassroots activist type of anarchism. I’m not a political analyst, but I have a friend who is and she considers it the truest form of democracy. I’m out of my depth here, so feel free to bash. But I do wonder.

And how is using your vote to set up weak candidates in the opposition’s party not cynical?