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Made in God's Image


Aug 15 2002
09:54 am

I would answer all of those questions with an ambiguous response, for I recognize my limitation even while the image of God responds within with an absolute, “I AM!”:

The image of God within and without, in its Infinity, always recognizes Itself. He is Himself in us, and knows Himself in us better than we know ourselves. I believe He is responding to Himself, and we, humanity, through thought and action, discover what was already there, what always has been, is and will be. The I AM.

And that discovery is facilitated through several medium: art, science, creation at large, but most profoundly through those who carry that image—relationship with Himself, yourself and each other.

Language is a gift, while also a burden. And so, I struggle to communicate what cannot be communicated, rather found in communion. May our spirits commune together as we speak without speaking, in the Oneness of the One, in unity and in love, where He Is, you are and i am in the Fullness.