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Oct 08 2003
07:35 pm

I tend to agree with the radio guy Adam Felber that more than anything, the thing that bothers me is how intelligence has come to be equated with elitism. Since when did we stop requiring intelligence of our leaders? Why do we keep electing average guys? Bottom line is that Arnold has no business in politics. He hasn’t proven that he’s smart (rather the opposite) enough to run a state. (Today I think he said that the budget crisis in California was worse than he thought)

And whether the scandals are true or not, there is enough other evidence out there to convince me that he’s a sexist pig, not just someone who made a mistake. But again, that is not the primary reason that I’m upset that he won— it’s because it bothers me that the American public seems to be so willing to trust its government to certain people just as long as they portray themselves “likeable”, or “just like you and me”. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are grossly unqualified.