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Apr 26 2003
12:42 pm

I just read a bit of the discussion, good stuff… especially the parts where dan was railing against the US.

I do find it interesting that US Presidential administrations have not encouraged and supported the UN and organizations like it. Administrations seem to be willing to have a sort of democracy here in the States but they can not tolerate coming under the authority of an internationally democratic organization. (I don’t mean by the above that we don’t have a “real” democracy here, just implying that there are different kinds.)

This just occured to me from hearing about how we have rocky relationships with a lot of other countries in the UN right now.

And I find it disheartening that we would throw around our will in the world with our military. Is this democractic for the other countries? Why can’t we at least try to be a little consistent?

It seems that the only democracy the US likes is the one it can control within its own borders by mass marketing, secret energy strategies, campaign contributions, etc.

The Bush Administration is so keen on fulfilling their “Christian” calling as the US government by punishing the evil doers, keeping Isreal strong, and spreading the gospel of corporate America by creating a satellite TV system in the Middle East full of US “news”. Why don’t they just give in to the ONE WORLD GOV’T and let the last days begin?