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Going to hell


Jun 09 2004
03:23 pm

My parents wanted to raise us in the right way and to make sure we stay on the right path they scared us to death with an idea that if Jesus had to come or we had to die and there happened to be unconfessed sin in our lives we will surely go to hell. All my life I lived in fear and prayed every night before I went to bed that God would have mercy on me and if there was anything in my life that I may have forgotten, that He would forgive me and that I would go to Heaven.
Now that I’m older and have a personal relationship with Christ I realise that it isn’t about the sin of the past but the intentional sin of the “now”. If I’m living in sin that God has directly told me to part with and die, I will be faced with the judgement of God because I have distanced myself from God in that way. In the Bible it says that Gods arm is not too short to help and his ear not too deaf to hear but our sins have created a wall between us and God which separates us from God. However we can’t take this out of context as well and say that if you happened to get angry you are going to hell! There is another verse in the Bible which states that not all sin leads to death and as I understand it, there are sins that grieve God and there are sins that break our relationship with God.
We could get angry and that grieves God but if we commit adultery and continue therein we are chosing another path which leads away from God.
Help me if I’m wrong but it seems to make sense to my heart and mind.?