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Favorite Commercials


Dec 03 2003
02:04 pm

Now that the goofy guy Sprint commercial has been analyzed, how about the Dip sign Sprint commercial?

A father and son are walking and they come across this sign that says “Dip” and then the father sends to the mother and the Sprint PCS guy a picture of his son standing next to the “Dip” sign. The mother says, “I guess you have to know him.” The Sprint PCS guy then replies, “I feel like I already do.”

Is the son’s name “Dip?”
Or is the son stupid?
Is the father just a mean person?
By “him” does the mother mean the son or the father?

At first I thought that the kid’s name was “Dip,” but the way the Sprint PCS guy says, “I feel like I already do” makes me feel like they are making fun of the kid. Then I thought that “him” refered to the father and by “I guess you have to know him” the mother means “I guess you have to get his sense of humor” or something like that.

In any case, I like that commercial, I’m just not sure what it means.