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Earning vs Consuming


Jan 28 2004
08:59 pm

- No one who makes X amount of dollars per year actually spends X amount of dollars per year on consummable goods. Your post jumps to a lot of conclusions that are incorrect. -

Actually, many people live beyond their means and it is not just those in the lower income brackets. I know a gentleman whose entire business is based on buying debt from credit companies at a reduced rate and taking over the payments. The majority of people whose debt is his business are doctors and lawyers. They make $100 – 150 000 a year, but they have grown accustomed to a lifestyle which costs $300 000 a year. They have umpteen credit cards which are all maxed all the time, and they are in serious financial trouble. Everything about our culture encourages us to live beyond our means and you while there may be a lot of millionaires who don’t look like millionaires, there are many more people who are trying their best to look like millionaires, who aren’t.

Can someone tell me how to do that cool “quoting” thing? And why is it that even though I log on with my name and password, my wife’s signature keeps showing up on my posts? This is Henry. You’re not the only one that needs to ask for a little patience, Matthews.