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Christian Suicide Bombers??


May 17 2004
09:41 pm

Wow! I can’t believe I missed this – I never thought I would have gotten such great emotional response to this. I love all the randomness of the replies! And the follow up postings on members own posts. I guess I’ll just try to respond to everyone!

LAURENCER – Prager doesn’t identify himself as a Christian – you’re reading into it.
– How does the world and suicide bombing look “from our enemy’s perspective”?

DANPLEASE cut and paste the “hate” – I missed it. I’m being serious.

DAN – He doesn’t exclude Christians from atrocities, he says that Christianity has suffered unfairly
– Christianity has not been responsible for atrocities. Christianity is saving faith in Jesus Christ.
– “Call it false Christianity if you want”??? What would you call it, Dan? Don’t you call yourself a Christian?
– A serious study of the Koran like Reformed Christians would do with the Bible will show that the remaining command to muslims (unlike the Bible) is to “kill the infadel.”

LAURENCER – He is talking specifically about the situation with Paliestinians in Israel, “Are Christian Palestinians less occupied?”
– there is a curious difference between what you have mentioned of terrorists and suicide bombers. While both are heinous, suicide bombings, as relate to this discussion are unique to Islam.

KIRSTIN – I believe you have addressed this in a fairly objective way and have brought up some interesting points that I had not thought about.
Three things though:
– you started with “one of the biggest errors in this article.” This assumes a multitude of errors, yet you don’t expound. The one you mentioned parenthetically I would argue is a stylistic preference. Paul uses the rhetorical quite a bit in the New Testament. Your main point I appreciate and want to address in the days to come. Good food for thought. It’s definitely a complicated issue
- in regards to your question about my motivations in posting, I believe the author has a valid thesis and follows through with it. I think the title is decieving, but if someone follows his argument through the article, it makes sense, even if (as you pointed out) he does not address the frustrations Palestinians undergo.
- saying I agree or disagree with the author will not be affected by negative “knee jerk” reactions of other CINO members