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Christian Ed. and the 21st Century Church


Aug 27 2004
11:58 am

I agree there should be no tension between Equipping and Evangelizing; they are parts of the same whole.
My point is this: with such outstanding Equipping going on in our denomination we should be doing outstanding Evangelism and we’re not. Fact is we really suck at it. Am I the only one disturbed by the ratio of 100:1? That means if we have 100 people that participate in *cino only one of us has ever led someone to Christ! (Sorry about throwing numbers around again, does Acts make you uncomfortable too?) If our Equipping is not leading to Evangelism our Equipping is failing. Again they are two parts of a whole, there is no tension between the two you just can’t have one without the other but somehow the CRC has managed to accomplish just that.
It is no longer good enough to say, “We’re just not that good at evangelism, but we are good at other stuff…” It just isn’t biblical.
You can look at it optimistically if you want to but whether it is a quick death or a slow bleed we are shrinking as a denomination and the thing is, we were pretty small to begin with.
Bottom line is our system of Christian Education that we are so proud of has had very insiginficant evangelistic results for the kingdom. I am not anti Christian Ed. I am just saying we can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.