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Christian Ed. and the 21st Century Church


Aug 24 2004
05:28 pm

I appreciate this discussion greatly. As I prayed last night for my 4 children, 3 of whom are in public school and one who is in Christian school, this issue hits close to home. We have also home schooled in the past (that just didn’t work for us, though it works for many).
Since I am part of a church where 34% of our members were previously unchurched this discussion is also very relevant to me. I must confess I am stumbling as I search for a solid place to stand on this issue.
I struggle with cost. I know that is an issue that get’s pushed aside quickly in the discussion as if to say, if it is the right thing to do either it doesn’t matter or God will provide.
I can’t dismiss it so quickly. I wonder if Christian Day Schools is the church investing in itself. Which translates into families investing in themselves. What percentage of the church budget should be devoted to support for educating its own? Should I as a parent have as one of my largest budget items the education of my own children? What percentage of my family budget should go to educate my own children?
When does the cost become to high? Does it ever? It seems to me historically as I look at the denomination that I am a part of we have sacrificed our investment in the Great Commission for an investment in Equipping the Saints. There has to be a better balance as we are reaping the fruit of decades of high investment in Equipping our own Saints which is a dying denomination with very little effectiveness in reaching those who don’t know God.
We could probably make the same arguement about church buildings. Then the issue becomes how does a church facility or a christian school serve the mission (Great Commission) of the church. Where is the balance? I am not saying it is either Equipping or Evangelizing, I am just struggling to find the balance?