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A question for anti-war Americans


Apr 08 2003
06:54 pm

I still oppose the war, even though the troops are fighting over there. My opposition to begin with came from my personal conviction that war in general is not the way to solve problems. Just because the Bush Administration chose to send the troops to war does not change my personal conviction. I see no need to “support” them because they are there of their own choice (We don’t have the draft in the United States anymore, so going to war is a personal choice of those in the Armed Services. In my opinion, they are no more “heroes” than firemen, police, or for that matter anyone who is doing the job they were hired to do.)

Having said that, I can see how some people can “change their mind” about being against the war to begin with, but then supporting it once it is a done deal. I assume that in at least some of these cases, the opposition is to war as the particular selected alternative. When the Administration picks a different alternative, then some people would be satisfied that they’d had their “vote” but that another alternative won the day.

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