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A Christian War?


Apr 08 2003
10:00 am

Always a good voice in the discussion…thanks grant. I guess that I simply grow tired of the conversation at some point. I don’t know what this is, but most likely its simply my own baggage. One of the things that I have been reacting too though is the bantor on this issue of war. Suddently, we are concerned about justice and love and the words of Jesus but for the majority of our lives we have lived passively as our western society has done nothing less than rape the world in order to futher its own interests. And now, in light of war we raise our hands in protest…but what of the lives that we are so connected with? What of the luxurry that we take for granted? I live in NYC, the center of it all, the place that develops the ideas of capatilism and then exploits them, and sells them and perfects them, and on and on and on….and I don’t know how to be set apart from it all, but mostly, I’m tired of talking about it I’m tired of thinking that there is something different about me because I’m a Christian…because I don’t know if there really is anything that special about me in light of most of these conversations. Most days I’m just a hypocrite but at least I want to be honest in that part of my struggle. But the naivity and bantor is growing old. My hands are dirty, and I could care less most days. This is what troubles me most.