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A Christian War?


Apr 07 2003
10:24 am

My point is simply that governemnt is in place to attempt to make order out of caos, and to best allow us to live together, and to further our interests.

And so the question remains, what is too much? When does the international community step into a place in which there has been clear and unabashed violations of human rights. And you ask, “why now and not before?” I don’t know.

Just be careful when imploring the words of Jesus in all this. The computer you type on and the education that you have, and the society that allows you to live a very comfortable life has little to do with the words of Jesus. It has to do with power and the protcction of its interests. Its a super structure that has perfected supply and demand and you benefit from it. You live off the fat of the land as much as the rest of us. You most likely drive a car that is filled with gas that is brought to us from the middle east, and you drive it down roads into Portland that were built by people who make less money but work harder than you do…And the shoes you wear, and the clothes, and the food …all the same story, produced at low costs, most around the world, for your enjoyment.

The point is simple, do you really want the words of Jesus? Or is this a new concern in light of the war. Our society would crumble if we turned the other cheek. Our economic well being would shrivel up if we loveed others as much as ourselves…so, be careful what you ask for.