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Aug 09 2003
05:53 pm

Well, since you asked me so nicely.

I think that Evolution is a valid scientific theory. It is a natural process that can be used to explain many things in our world today.

To me that is all it should be. It’s on par with someone looking at a plant and say “That plant is growing because God made it grow.” And I think this would be a true statement. It would also be true for someone to say “This plant is growing becacause it is converting sunlight into energy by photosynthesis.”

The point is that God works through natural processes. If we try to insist that God just sort of waved his hand and poof we appeared, we are trying to keep God inside our realm of understanding. I don’t think God couldn’t have done it like that, but when the evidence points to something else, I think we are kind of being disrespectful to God by insisting that it had to happen a certain way. Our way.

Anyway, this is not to say that evolution is a perfect solution because there are certainly scientific issues with it, like the irreducible complexity of biological cells. I just think it is an issue that deserves honest consideration.

I hope that made sense, it is my first long post on this wonderful board.