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Would YOU want to be starved? Terri starves now


Mar 25 2005
03:57 pm

What this case really comes down to is Terri’s right to pursue life and her “husband’s” right to pursue happiness. The reason it is at the court level is because this woman’s parents don’t want Mr. Shiavo to kill their daughter. It would be considered cruel and unusual punishment (and I think rightly so) to starve a convicted criminal to death. We use lethal injection, which some claim is cruel and unusual. But we aren’t talking about a criminal, we’re talking about a woman who has no even been charged with a crime and yet her life is at the mercy of the court.

What baffles me is why the Governor doesn’t order adult protective services to remove her from the situation. Based on the nurses’ affidavits, this woman is being abused by her “legal guardian” in being deprived basic medical care and therapy. That is abuse and I believe grounds for intervention. Think of all the abused/neglected children on who’s behalf the government intervenes … I bet even abused/neglected pets receive better case from the government.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of government getting too involved in my life, but one of the responsibilities of government is to protect the innocent and to me that includes unborn babies, those with mental disabilities, and others who can’t speak for themselves.

I hate the phrase “dying with dignity” applied to this case. There is no dignity in being starved to death. Dying with dignity is what Christ did and what the martyrs did and are doing … this looks very different from what is being done to Terri.

Grace and peace,