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Would YOU want to be starved? Terri starves now


Mar 25 2005
07:05 pm

I appreciate you pointing out the Chicago Tribune article. And I confess that I had demonized him … and that is the easy thing to do and not even particularly honest of me. He is a human being and if he really does believe he’s doing what his wife would have wanted then, I personally owe him an apology. But it is still difficult to believe that he can’t have a conflict of interest so deep that he may not be remembering what he wants to from their conversations. I know I do stuff like that sometimes, ashamedly.

I will accept your gentle chiding and in the future keep my comments to the facts and the ethical questions of one’s right to life. I still hold to my original view that what Mr. Shiavo and the Florida courts are doing is wrong, and I realize that this may seem somewhat inconsistent. I can comment on Mr. Shiavo’s actions which are a matter of fact, without making assumptions about his motives.