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American Empire?


Feb 24 2005
04:49 pm

The U.S. has remained in Iraq to ensure that freedom of the struggling infant democracy can grow. It would be irresponsible to leave Iraq Oedipus-like on the side of a hill to the elements. Isn’t our action of remaining in Iraq similar to remaining in Europe and in Japan after WWII?

I think the U.S. is an empire, but define empire in the broader sense that was suggested in an earlier post. And just like those in the Roman empire did not believe that they would ever fall, most in the U.S. believe we will never fall. Why is it that we hang on to the notion that our nation will live forever? Pride? Lack of foresight? Lack of recognition of the signs of the disintegration of the social fabric? Don’t get me wrong, I love the freedoms the U.S. offers to her citizens and have served in the military to preserve those freedoms.

San Diego