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Jul 04 2007
09:41 pm

It kind of puts a whole new twist on exegeting Paul’s warnings about "not eating meat offered to idols", hmm? :lol:

I’m interested in hearing from folks on this board about how their eating habits, particularly eating/not eating animals and animal products, are shaped by a comprehensive worldview. I know this can be a volatile topic, but I think it’s an important one on which many good, thoughtful people arrive at a variety of places: vegan, vegetarian, ‘flexitarian’, conscious eaters who avoid factory-farmed foods of all kinds, etc. I’m less interested in ‘evangelism’ for one’s particular position and more interested in the solid, thoughtful foundational theological ideas that shape [i:d7aa4233ef]your[/i:d7aa4233ef] choice, even though I know it’s difficult to present ideas about a well thought out decision without feeling some inclination to convince others to concur.