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Food Ethics


Sep 19 2005
09:09 pm

I agree with some of the aspects of this food ethic, but it seems that in some ways, the NFFC is trying to create more of a free market based upon small farms instead of the current sort of free market based upon corporations. One fear that I have is should food really always be on the free market? It is something that is becoming obvious with the gas situation. As much as I do agree that we should pay more for gas in the US, it is becoming obvious that gas isn’t just a comodoty that should be governed by free market values. It is something we really need in order to survive, so there is something more than just suppy/demand at work here. We can’t price the poor out of the market or they won’t be able to work etc. It seems that the same is true of food. You can’t boycott or choose not to buy food, so even though I understand why farmer control of land, seeds, streams, etc. is something to be pursued, if done in a way that only takes the market and supply/demand into account it won’t really be kingdom friendly. Farmers in the OT were called to allow the poor sovereignty over the scraps and the gleening to supply for their needs outside of the market. It isn’t only the farmer who has sovereignty. And now for a devil face :twisted: