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The parents among us


Aug 14 2003
05:29 am

I’m curious as to which *cino posters have children? Sometimes I’d like to talk about parenting as a Christian in today’s society, but don’t feel as though it would be of enough interest to enough people. So, I’m taking a poll … who has children and what are their ages?

Me, I’ve got a 2-year-old named Gus (Augustus).


Aug 14 2003
08:47 am

Oh…thank God we are not alone! Joy and I have two little boys: Levi 3 and Benjamin 2.

I also have a daughter from a previous marriage: Covenant 7.


Aug 14 2003
08:55 am

Oddly enough, my husband and I recently thought Levi would be a great name for our next child (when we get around to it and if it’s a boy)!


Aug 14 2003
04:30 pm

I have two teenagers:
John is 18 and a senior.
Katie is almost 16 and a sophomore.
There are some similarities between toddlers and teenagers!
Good idea…go for it!


Mar 07 2005
10:21 pm

one child.
1 1/2.
ball of spunk.


Mar 25 2005
05:16 pm

Had two foster daughters for six months, Monica (3)and Olivia (5, 6 when they went home to their mom). We’ve kept up with them and their mom asked us to be their godparents, which we graciously accepted. Monica (now 7) is staying with us this week for Spring Break.

Fostering is not the same as parenting, but comes with it’s own set of joys and challenges. But the wife and I would like to have kids when the Lord provides and so I would be interested in any parenting type topics.



Apr 12 2005
05:25 am

Hi, Geoff here, soon to be 48, but with the mental capacity of an 84 year old – life has taken its toll!

I have a son Mark, who is 19. He is on a gap year at the moment and wants to become a screen-writer.

My daughter, Brittany, not to be mistaken for Britney, she of the faith dilemma. Brittany is 14, is about to do her SATs and has decided that in future she’d like to be involved in Fashion or Beauty!

Do any parents out there in *cinoland feel that it is difficult to get across a christian perspective to their kids, beyond going to church, praying etc? My daughter finds the church youth group is a turn off becuase all they they talk about is prayer, reading the Bible and God’s ability to heal! A lack of application perhaps beyond our internal/personal spirituality? There are times when sadly I think that I’ve missed the boat with my two angels(!), but wondered if anyone has difficulty expressing the creation, fall and redemption narrative of scripture. Y’know, that Jesus is Lord of all Creation and how they develop a christian perspective on screenwriting and fashion!

Concerned Graduate from the University of Strife


Aug 07 2006
09:37 pm

i have 3 kids all boys.

paul jensan bobby age 8
guy mark bobby age 6
stephen andrew ty bobby 2

i love them all most of the time…
i also spank them too