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The 30-Year-Old Virgin


Jan 07 2006
06:41 pm

I just saw a Dr. Phil episode (yes I watch Dr. Phil, but I don’t like it!) where a guy came on who said he had abstained from sex for several years and now he wonders if he waited too long. He’s in his 30’s now and he wonders what he should do to find that soul-mate he’s longing for. Dr. Phil’s response was surprising to me. He thought this guy was holding out for a “special someone” who probably doesn’t exist. I thought this guy sounded an awful lot like the Christians folks I know who are asking the same questions. They’re not moralists when it comes to sex (which actually might make it harder to abstain). They just feel like the values of Christian faith are still valid when it comes to sex.

I’ve heard more and more single people who have been very principled about not handing out their flower petals, but as they get older are beginning to question the decision to wait. After all, aren’t they going to miss their sexual peak? They haven’t met the right person for a relationship, and they wonder if they are too picky. They also wonder if our society and the lives we lead today no longer works with the marry-to-have-sex policy of yester-year. Is this a thing?