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Shake Your Booty!


Feb 13 2004
07:46 am

The current issue on sexetcetra makes me want to bring up something that I’ve been thinking alot about lately. I love David Lynch, partly because he does such a great job portraying eroticism and expressing the frightening aspect of it as well. Sure, the eroticism of pornography is not realistic, but it’s a fantasy. And I love fantasies. That’s why I like art. Heck, that’s why I like *cino and the fantastical dreamers that participate in this grand orgy of kingdom servanthood.

But that’s not what I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve been thinking alot about the possibilities for dance and body movement not limited to what we see on TV and in the clubs. Yeah, the Dutch Reformed pietists in America do not know how to shake it, but the ones that do seem only to know how to shake it like Britney Spears. And it makes sense. If we don’t learn how to move and be moved in church, we’re going to learn the movement of the meat market clubs in our major cities. I am pleased to see groups like Outkast taking on the educational responsibility necessary to help people express their joy in new and better ways (though “The Love Below” scares me plenty), but isn’t that the church’s job?