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Mother's Day


May 08 2005
02:33 am

A very happy mother’s day to all who are. I wish I appreciated my mother as much when I was younger as I appreciate my wife as mother now. God bless you all.


Aug 07 2006
09:29 pm

my mom passed away when i was 18.

she left me an outragous fortune which i have since given at least 90% of it to local christian schools. however i now regret this decision based on hard core facts i received from an insider who works for the "BANNER"
its a really messy situation and i pray it is resolved sooner rather then later.


Aug 08 2006
03:07 pm

okay, ricky bobby, i’ll bite.

you’ve mostly put b.s. posts out there, so it seems to me. but even your b.s. is 10% truth, me thinks.

so is there some truth here? is there a big scandal with Christian Schools in your area? Or with the BANNER (for those who don’t know…that’s the official magazine publication for the Christian Reformed Church)?

After reading DaVinci Code, I’m really into conspiracy theories. i think they’re a blast. so if there’s no REAL scandal, can you make up a conspiracy theory of sorts?


Aug 13 2006
02:48 pm

my insider turned out to be my four year old…
go figure