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Where have we traveled?


Apr 03 2003
10:20 am

I haven’t been outside of North America (except for Hawaii), but I have two favorite places. Kananaskis in Alberta has already been mentioned. Sally and I attended a convention there a number of years ago. We went on to explore Banff and Jasper, but Kananaskis was the spot we fell in love with.

My other spot is about as different from the Canadian Rockies as one can get – the Sierra San Pedro Martir in northern Baja California, Mexico. It is dry yellow pine forest with vast mountain meadows at about 10,000 foot elevation – an island in a sea of the most deserty desert you could find, anywhere. What trails there are were begun hundreds of years ago and just sort of grew from use. The mountains are reputed to have some of the clearest air left in the world. I was there for the Perseid meteor showers one year, and it is still hard to believe that I really saw that many meteors – or that many stars, for that matter.