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Where have we traveled?


Mar 11 2003
05:25 pm

Henry (my husband) and I took three weeks to drive around Lake Superior this last summer. This is the kind of trip you can do now, and not have to wait till you’re a millionaire. It was amazing, especially once we got farther north than Killarney Provincial Park. (yes, you need bug spray, and I mean the cancer causing stuff, nothing organic or else you’ll be eaten alive). Highlights were discovering that we were following the fur traders routes, which was an accident. We loved Pukaswa National Park (the best bathrooms of any campground I’ve ever been to). We tried to go to Lake Nipigon Provincial Park, but when we got near there, it no longer existed (a forest fire had come through about two years before and it had never been reopened). It was a surreal experience. We also loved Pictured Rocks Lakeshore in the Michigan UP. Oh, and in Ely, MN there’ s the International Wolf Center— very, very cool. We also managed to buy a ton of books on the trip— some good ones Apologia by Barry Lopez (it’s about road kill, and it made me cry in the bookstore) and The Women’s Great Lakes Reader were two of my favorites.

As for “fancier” trips, I was in England for a semester when I was in school, and I loved that, but everything I can tell you, you can read in a guide book. I loved my mad dash through Geneva (it was so clean). Rome was interesting for all the history. Scotland and Ireland truly live up to their reputations. Gorgeous countries. Do go to Belfast if you get the chance. It’s a really interesting city.

I guess that’s about it, unless you count other North American trips, but I’ll hold off.