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Mar 07 2002
06:23 pm

hi, friends. this may be premature, but i’m setting up this discussion thread in order to find out what you have done with the learning you have received on this site since you’ve been coming here. we were discussing strategic planning for *cino tonight and we’re trying to figure out how to enhance the “serve” part of “unite.learn.serve,” because that’s really the end goal of all of these ideas—that we all take what we’ve learned and put it into practice in our respective callings, that we don’t just talk but we also transform for the sake of Christ.

so we want some feedback.

has your experience on the site changed the way you do things at all or is *cino simply an intellectual respite?

p.s. there is no wrong answer. really. be honest.


Jul 16 2002
03:40 pm

Hey, I was browsing through old threads and found this one. I guess I’m sort of off topic but I was wondering how I should premote the site.

I find that *cino is a great place to bounce ideas and questions. As a soon to be college freshman I was wondering what to do about *cino. I would love to invite more people to join in on our discussions and musings but wonder if I should be political about who I tell about it. Do you think that I should only tell people that I know would have a lot to contribute or just let the word out through a poster or such. I am attending Trinity Christian in Palos Hights if that matters.


Jul 17 2002
04:57 am

i’m glad you asked. we’re actually working on a number of marketing ideas to promote the site, but until those are finished you can check out the “promotions” section of the site.

you can download *cino posters to hang on campus (with permission, of course) or mission cards to hand out to folks you might talk to about the site. you can also e-mail friends about the site from that page.

we have a lot of ideas that will make *cino even better, but i’ll leave those for another thread.


Jul 18 2002
06:59 pm

Uh, I get a blank page when I try to go into the promotions section. Does anybody else get this? Do I not have a plug-in or something?


Aug 10 2002
08:31 am

The people on *cino are there because they want to. They want to talk and discuss and argue and share. It’s nice to have people that have something to say and it’s real, rather than a work meeting where every person has to defend what’s best for their or their parties intrest, and better than a classroom discussion because it’s not forced and people aren’t worried about being cool and all kinds of other jazz…

On *cino, people often share intelligent things that can help others grow in Christ. It’s real. It’s good. It changes the way one sees the world—and that makes one react differently to it, impacting it for Christ and his Kingdom.


Aug 12 2002
01:59 pm

Norm makes a good point. Here’s my deal, though, I teach a high school elective course on livng a Christian life. The kids who are in the course are there because they want to be and are interested in the topic. Do you think if i made getting involved in cino discussions an option for an assignment that would preserve the “I am talking because I want to talk” element of the discussions? I want to get my kids involved, but I want to protect people who care about this stuff from people who don’t.