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Thomas More


Andrew H
Jul 31 2004
05:56 pm

Reminds me of a similar quote by some Scottish revivalist preacher (imagine cool accent):
“If the world rejected and killed the holiest man that ever lived, how come they have no problem getting along with Christians today?”

And a further challenge from Tony Campolo::
“It is time we stop preaching the gospel about Jesus Christ and start living the gospel that Jesus Christ preached.” (or something like that)

A friend of mine this summer has caused me to adopt the term Christ-follower in place of Christian for situations like this. The world has seen plenty of Christians in the last two millenia for good and for bad. It is past time for the world to see a group of Christ followers who are radically determined to live at the intersection of the word and the world and allow the primary to transform the latter. How often do we actually examine the word(s) of Jesus Christ in such a way that we seek to know how it can and will transform our corner of the world and every corner of the world.