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Sep 18 2003
07:50 pm

Because London is so darned expensive, the best thing to do there is go to museums! All the museums are free in London, and the Tate Modern is MARVELOUS, as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum.

For theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has tickets for 5 pounds if you don’t mind standing in the yard.

Another favorite of mine was the Royal Courts of Justice. You might not like it as much as I did, but it’s not only a beautiful building, you get to see actual hearings. They are all open to the public and you can watch the British justice system, ratty wigs and all. (Yes! The judges and attorneys all still wear those funny Louis IX type wigs and black robes) And of course, it’s free.

One more suggestion if you are poor— get an all day bus pass (2 pounds). As fun as the tube may be, it costs almost twice as much as the bus for an all day pass. And on top of those double deckers is a great way to see a lot of London. I can’t describe the delight of sitting in the front of the bus on the second story. And nothing beats the feeling of conquering the bus system in London. It’s pretty challenging.

When I was there this summer, one hundred pounds lasted me four whole days not including lodging (which I found at the Generator for 25 bucks a night). And I had a blast. So have fun.