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The Fearful Church Has No Sense of History


Sep 03 2003
07:30 pm

“The Church of Christ is spiritually unable to stand against the rapid changes that take place around her because she has not learned to view history from the perspective of the reign of Christ. For that reason, she thinks of the events of her own time in entirely secular terms. She is overcome with fear in a worldly manner, and in a worldly manner she tries to free herself from fear.”

Henrikus Berkhof


Sep 17 2003
07:42 pm

Quote describes me on any given day. Chicken…afraid of my own shadow. Cluck, cluck. The sky is falling & it’s landing on ME!

Except when I have digested some great Bible verses about God’s cosmic plans for us…

or read up on my history…notably Christian history which I get regularly at the Christianity Today website.

Or been encouraged by other Christians in the “foxhole” with me.

And i have to get fortified regularly as my emotional “ammo” runs out. Yet Jesus says He has overcome the world.

Some more mature than me have that comcept firmly in their heart, not just their head.