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The Death of the CRC?


Feb 17 2007
08:47 am

Interesting thread.

I want there to be at least one voice weighing in for the yea column, so here goes. I was at the Calvin Symposium on Worship a few weeks ago and saw a surprisingly high number of Dordt pals and acquaintances there. Sure, there were the graysuits and a good many from other denominations, but the number of CRC 20-somethings that I saw reassured me.

I liked a lot of what Janel said…except for the bit about how the spiritual trajectory of her and her husband is not in step with the current CRC. I know that they have a perfectly good CRC not but 5 minutes from their house (jab jab). But really I think that says something about many of us in the *cino generation. We have been brought up in a Reformed way and are beginning to let this grow in new and interesting ways. We are discussing all those wonderful things that Janel was talking about that exist on the fringes of the denomination. But we are either too afraid or not empowered enough by our elders to realize that our interpretation of an ever changing culture through the worldview they gave us is worth something. In other words, we discuss on the web instead of entering our traditional churches and changing the trajectory of the church.

But, as I said, I think this empowering is beginning to happen. I hope it is. I love the CRC and am active in it. I think our tradition, as Janel said, has something important to offer the larger generic Christian culture. Living on the East coast, you start to understand the importance of distinguishable roots as well. Honoring our fathers and mothers means not squandering the gifts they give us. But I also want to reiterate with everyone else that we must remain distinctive in order to have anything to offer.

Be honest, Dr. Schaap, did you start this thread just to challenge our generation to keep the CRC alive? Or were you perhaps wondering if another of our cherished institutions will make it to its next jubilee?