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Questions on film


Feb 18 2005
12:25 pm

Can I just say that I’m rather fascinated with how much movies are a topic of discussion around here at college? I sit up in the writing center and discuss movies with my professors even more frequently than we discuss books! Movies have a profound impact on how we see reality. My roommate was just telling me about Mexican guys who were convinced that all American women were promiscuous based on what they’d seen in the movies.

Denis, you ask if we often watch movies with parents. I may say that I am blessed to have parents who have encouraged the discerning watching of movies ever since I was in middle school. There are certainly a few movies that I wouldn’t want to watch with my parents, but typically that is because those movies are dirty and I shouldn’t watch them anyway. My mother is amazing at starting discussions (like about the imagery in “13 Conversations”), and typically we watch movies that lend themselves well to intelligent conversation. I don’t know that there is much of a generational difference: we’re all seeking to understand our current culture and my parents aren’t obsessive about “how things used to be.”

Anyway, just more thoughts on my own movie-watching habits.