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Questions on film


Feb 17 2005
06:48 pm

I have, here at college, a psychology-major friend, and I absolutely love watching movies with her, because the moment the final credits role, we get into the most intense discussions about human nature and what causes people to do things. We watched “Reality Bites” the other week-end, and she has adopted that as the reason she wants to go into psychology: it represents a world of people so very hungry for meaning but without anywhere to turn to find it.

Especially at college, I find I am often oblivious to the plight of the lost and dying around me. Movies like “Reality Bites” and “In the Bedroom” and “13 Conversations” remind me of what my purpose must be as a Christian: to, as my friend says, “speak meaning into people’s lives.”

Thanks for all the thoughtful questions and thoughtful reviews—they tend to help bring a little direction to my teen-age mind. It’s too easy to get talking about how much we disagree with a movie before looking toward the aspect of our lost humanity that it represents.