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Oct 14 2003
01:57 pm

?When I tried to help the poor, people said I was a saint. When I asked why they were poor, people called me a communist.?

- Archbishop Camara of Brazil


Dec 01 2003
09:23 am

Interesting someone would accuse an archbishop of being a communist.

Communists were (are) concerned for the poor as are clergy.

But their (Communist) solution to poverty, to social injustice is worse (overall) than the original problems. Workers of the world unite—-& then get your life micromanaged on the short leash by the workers that now rule you.

See the history of 20th Century communism for a truckload of examples. See also the book The Gulag Archipelago for stories about the Communist created major poverty and death zones.

(I quote the above because I hear socialism (of which Communism is one brand) is back in fashion amongst some.)


Dec 01 2003
07:56 pm

I thought the point of the quote was that most people like and support someone who helps the poor. But when someone digs deeper to find why people are poor in the first place, he might reveal that there are injustices built into the way a society is organized. And those who benefit from the status quo will do anything to shut bothersome people like that up, including labelling them a ‘communist’, or maybe these days it would be ‘terrorist.’