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Masturbation kills kittens?


Sep 11 2008
12:47 pm

I didn’t have time to read this whole discussion… unfortunately… I see the sun coming up and i have to be somewhere later today :) After reading what I could… I wondered if anyone has heard of the book “Every Man’s Battle”… or “Every Young Man’s Battle”… I would recommend if you were interested enough to read this discussion the book would be a good read… the authors have a very interesting approach to the issue and are very open about their own experiences… we did an interview with an artist in the magazine my wife and I publish as well… Christian hiphop artist who struggled with masturbation and shared how it affected him and his marriage with his wife… we have a bit of a feature online plus links to the books if you want to check it out

I believe what I most liked about the book was how they show their own pratical decisions … and how their relationship with God and others was affected… good and bad during their struggles… etc.

…. hope you take time to find the book…. or just visit and read the first chapter to start…