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Interesting web-sites


May 12 2004
04:06 pm

I don’t remember if we have a thread for this already, but everytime you encounter a good website, why not share it with everyone.

The Memory Hole is the website of choice when you want to see images that you can’t find in the mainstream media. It is the website that first showed the coffin pictures (dead bodies from Iraq). If you’re sick like me and you want to see all the pictures of prison abuses and even the decapitation video, this is the website for you.


Jun 03 2004
02:25 pm

So do you think it is good that you are “sick”?

For therapeutic treatment, see the “We make them masturbate; they cut our heads off” thread at

A photograph of an act of evil is not a neutral recording. The photographer chooses to record, rather than intervene. So, are we then likewise stained by witnessing this act of evil, by observing and even studying these records? Does our complicity lie in the fact that we don’t turn away, like the photographer should have done?


Jun 04 2004
09:50 am

Well I don’t know if I’m actually sick but I have the impression that people in general are voyeurs. When a house burns down, people come to watch. When there’s an accident on the highway, people drive by slowly to check it out. It’s the same with these kind of images. As for interesting websites, here’s a fun “news” website from the UK that has lots of little crazy stories for people with ADD.


Jun 16 2004
02:45 pm

There is a great Christian website that seems to have started recently. You might like to check it out at
It is for young people and is quite inspirational. There are still many mistakes but it seems cool.


Jun 24 2004
12:27 pm

There’s some funny stuff here—people who try to scam the spammers (“spambaiters”). One guy managed to get a spammer to send him $80 in cash!

…although I have to admit, I am starting to feel a little sorry for some of these spammers…I never thought I’d say that because I have to deal with the mail server—and all the spam—at work.


Jun 24 2004
06:40 pm


weird artistic and very interactive sites. plan on spending some time in these.

I love the internet!