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i loved


Mar 28 2003
03:59 am

i loved
whenever i needed to know who did “that song” or “what’s their other stuff sound like?” i’d load up
perhaps the most complete discography of any given artist- it was a valuable asset to any music lovers resource collection.
nearly all albums boasted 30 second sound clips, to ensure quality music throughout the album, not just “that track”.
the website said it all- simple but yet complete. they didn’t fool around with that garbage that other websites have resorted to, no pop-up ads here, no flashing “you have won banners,” no “recommended products,” no “customer” reviews. just the facts; every album was extensively documented, down to the guy who plugged in the amp at the studio, they were all listed.

i’d say it wouldn’t be out of line for me to say i visited ten times daily.
in fact, that estimate is probably quite conservative. on a regular basis, i’d start my day off with a cdnow search, or a cdnow sound clip.
i loved

until one late night…

i clicked my “” link, and found myself terribly misguided into territory. now normally i know better than to prod into such a sketchy domain… but this was unintentional.
i panicked.
quickly i pushed the “” link over and over, hopeful for one last glimpse of my ultimate friend. within minutes i was unplugging cables, turning machines on and off, reinstalling software; denying the fact that was lost to the powers above.

the next day started normal, i anxiously booted my computer up- confident that my daily dosage of would be quenched.
they didn’t! i didn’t have to read the fancy “customer notice,” to realize this was trouble. sure enough, “ has teamed with cdnow,” or, ?the big corporate giant seized its only competition,? was printed on the front page.

weeks elapsed. slowly i regained my confidence, and was ready to give this a try. nothing but disappointment resulted. a complete absence of everything i once loved. the site was practically useless. i could locate no central artist’s discography database, the sound clips were missing, and worst of all i was being recommended bath soap on the left column of the screen.

my silent protest continues. daily at 7:47 a.m. and 6:12 p.m. i defiantly click on my “” link, refusing to modify the link to the unstoppable amazon-dot-world.


Mar 29 2003
05:11 pm

I feel your pain.

I as well loved before it parished. Whenver I needed to see all of the cd’s of an artist or find a song on a cd that is where I would go. It was even usefull for finding songs in my own collection. I as well shed a tear for good ol’

You are not alone.


Mar 30 2003
03:56 am

CDnow was great, granted. I’ve always looked at for my information though. Check it out. They also have a site (among other I believe) that is a great resource for referencing actors, writers, directors, plots, themes, mood and whatever else you may be interested in.


Apr 14 2003
10:08 am

I hoped someone else would mention, I use to use CDnow for info too, but is everything and more.

For movies though I prefer, you can waste hours on either of those sites