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I like U2 about as much


Apr 28 2005
10:12 am

I think whether I like to listen to u2 or Jimi Hendrix depends on what mood I’m in. One of my favourite rock songs of all time is “let me stand next to your fire”. The performance of the band in that recording is really amazing.

I’m currious about whether the classic rock dudes like Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage against the machine. He is extremely fast and perfect technically but plays simple riffs and wild solos that are usualy more about the sounds.

Also, what do classic rock dudes think of Hip hop? Not too many notes going on there.

I’m certain that U2 work just as hard or harder on there music than hendrix/zepplin. They just focus on different elements of a musical experience. If music is made up of melody, harmony, timbre, and rhythm, I would say U2 is more technically proficient at timbre and zepplin/hendrix is more technically proficient at melody and rhythm. It seems weird to talk about blues bassed music as melodic but thats the best explaination I can think of.

It really comes down to taste. I used to despise Frank Zappa. It took a few years of being in America and breathing in the culture and the music to help me understand where he was coming from. Now I love it. Maybe classic rock dudes should live in Ireland for a while to see if they start relating to U2.