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I like U2 about as much


Mar 15 2005
12:52 pm

I just last year discovered Johnny Cash (til Armegeddon, No Shalom, No Shalom) and was thrilled…first time I was excited about music in a long time (probably my own fault for not listening to more stuff…I hear there’s good stuff out there)…but I didn’t know there was a connection with U2…fill me in…sounds exciting.

I definitely agree about them being more important to BB King than he was to them…kinda like Garth Brooks did for Chris Ledoux (I can hear the CINO teeth gnashing).

The other thing…At the U2 shows I’ve been to, the guitar solo that always impresses me the most is the song about Judas betraying Christ…I think it’s “Until the End of the World.” Is this just my musical ignorance or naivety to “rock with your cock out” or has anyone else been blown away by the Edge on that song?