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Goerring on war


Oct 02 2003
07:46 pm

I think that the references to long-term thinking applied to the “war on terror”, not so much to Iraq. I agree with Dan that the only thinking done about Iraq was short term. The lack of preparation for post war Iraq is tragic and obscene.

It makes sense that Bush is warning the American people that the war on terror will be long. He is going to need lots of money and patience from the American people for this “war” since there really is no end in sight when it comes right down to it. Terrorists are not some species of animal that we can eradicate a step at a time. I don’t see how the US can rush over to bomb any country that “harbours” terrorists. It’s about as pointless as the war on drugs. It keeps the public in general fear of some general and unpredictable threat which I think is extremely dangerous (and very advantageous to rich powerful folks).