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Feb 20 2002
10:12 am

Seerveld for President?

“Every Christian worth his or her salt should join the communal task of christian culturing with a sense of glad urgency…Creation and history, including the twentieth [and 21st] century AD, is God’s country, and godly culture should be rising up as a sweet-smelling offering over the whole earth. Christian culture is also urgent so that artists, labourers, citizens, and students who have run into blank secular walls may have a christian art gallery, a christian labour union, a christian political association, a christian university of sorts next door to run to, rather than be confined for help to the counseling pastor’s study, Sunday pulpit or mid-week prayer meeting—which are at the core of our cultural ministry—to show anyone who still has eyes to see a rainbow of tangible evidence that Christ’s kingdom is acoming…on earth!”

Calvin Seerveld
“Rainbows for the Fallen World”