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Some thoughts about aligning oneself with a denomination


May 09 2003
03:49 pm

Some clarification, and some additional thoughts. First, what I said was that I felt anyone who ALWAYS considered oneself a liberal or a conservative had stopped thinking. I think it is quite possible to lean in a certain direction; e.g. I USUALLY vote Democratic just because the Democrats seem to reflect my beliefs on social issues, conservation, fairness, etc., more than the Republicans USUALLY do. However, as a Christian, I (think) hope I am open to certain Republicans or certain Republican issues.

My personal belief is that there is some danger in all denominational labels, because I don’t think any denomination has the corner on Christian truth, and many of the key reasons that denominations exist seem to be rather petty, arcane or divisive interpretations of some religious points. How serious the problem is depends, I think, on how strict the denomination’s interpretations are of Christianity (i.e., how exclusive they are), and – maybe more importantly – how much of a member of the denomination you are. For instance, I feel more comfortable in an Assembly of God church (for example) than I do in a Southern Baptist church, but I certainly don’t subscribe to everything that the written AOG creeds and by-laws say.